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MU2 goes to Virginia

March 23, 24 – Miami Video Production Company in VA – MU2 Productions worked with Cohn & Wolfe agency from NYC to produce a series on content pieces for pharmaceutical, Auviq, an epinephrine auto-injector. They provided a full video production services for series of content productions, starring NASCAR driver Elliot Sadler and his son, Wyatt. Wyatt suffers from a serious peanut allergy and Elliot is working with Auviq to help promote allergy safety for kids.

Production – 2 days filming at multiple locations. A couple Alexa Mini’s, Canon K35 lenses, etc…..The funnest being on the track with Gearhead Camera’s Chase car. Gearhead had a custom designed “joystick-controlled motorized camera platform” that moves the head vertically up and down, they call it the Vader Rig.

Although MU2 is a Miami Video Production Company, we provide services throughout the country from LA to NYC and everything in between.

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