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5 Important Production Services a Miami Production Company Provides

Video production companies in Miami can provide the best in the industry when compared to the New York and Los Angeles. Many members of the MU2 Miami have experience in staging, technology, wardrobe and make-up, motion control robots, and high-quality FX Studios. MU2 has years upon years of talent required to handle any project that comes their way.

They provide high-level production on an extremely consistent basis, outpacing video production companies in other parts of the country. When choosing a Miami based video production company over one’s located in other places, consider the fact that they offer the best in:

  • Experience

  • Creativity

  • Reach

  • Social Media

  • Gear


We handle all levels of production on a consistent basis, from high-end commercials, corporate video, social media content and more. Our production team is made up of producers and production managers who have the best connections and can get any job done. All of the team members are seasoned veterans from the executive producer down through the production assistants. No matter what job is being handled, every single person working on the project gets the job done right. Each of our team members from Director to Post Producer is a seasoned operator chosen specifically for this job. Each brings years of talent and experience to the work and exponentially increases production value and creative output

Miami video production companies like MU2 have professionals with experience in TV Programming. Disney, Apple, McDonald’s, Honda, Uber, and eBay are some of our clients. The Miami video production company MU2 can provide bilingual productions for the second largest Spanish-language television network.


MU2 is able to take any idea provided and really bring it to life. Whether it’s an ad agency, independent company or another production company, MU2 Productions,  the best Miami video production company, is able to provide both high-end direction and cinematic creativity. We offer top-level Director services as well as Cinematographer services with our productions or on their own. So if you need a Director or Director of photography for a project, MU2 has the unique outlook to take your project to the next level. From a creative standpoint, MU2 is constantly working on bringing the provided idea to life from the minute it’s given to MU2 until the final minutes of post-production. MU2 is the perfect premier video production company in Miami when it comes to developing ideas cinematically for the new age.


The location of Miami production companies like MU2 Productions has easy access to the Caribbean Islands and at the same time other Florida cities like Tampa and Orlando. Planning and executing a project anywhere in Florida is easy and done quite frequently. MU2 Productions has contact in the Caribbean as well as local producers and fixers on the ground that specialize in these specific productions. Not only that, Miami itself is a diverse city when it comes to locations in an attractive tropical setting. It can also provide some of the very best studios in the country, as well as northeast style homes, Mideast suburbs, ranches, almost anything you can imagine. Even if there is a need for a different setting like a northern forest or a snowy street, our production crew is able to travel. Our limits are only the creativity of the mind.

Social Media

Social media content has pushed its way into the foreground of advertising and that means providing video on par with broadcast commercials. MU2 specializes in this style of production and digital content. MU2’s strength and what makes us different is our approach to digital content and our ability to maximize production value with simple and effective solutions. We are a company made up of producers, directors, and cinematographers. We know where each dollar goes and exactly what it takes to create high end and creative social content products without the overhead. With our connections and unique approach, all of our costs go to making the creative team responsible for creating your broadcast and web media spots, the best and the brightest. This allows us to create social media content on par with broadcast commercials.


Still, we wait to make sure clients know we can provide all the of the best gear and at the same time offer the best cost. As well as a production company we also have a full rental department so on our productions, gear rentals are simple and offer low overhead when it comes into the budget. We also have hard to get items like Canon K35 lenses, Anamorphic primes, Phantom Camera rentals, and many others.

Consider using to a Miami video production company like MU2 for any upcoming video projects, corporate video, social media, commercials, music videos, and more. Schedule a meeting, shoot us an email or give us a call where we can see to the specific needs of your project. Call MU2 Productions today at (561) 926-3679 or visit

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