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Phantom Flex 2.5K Camera Rental and Tech | Miami, FL

Phantom Flex 2.5K Camera Package:


1500FPS at 2.5K


- Phantom Flex 2.5K Body with 32GB internal RAM

- Certfied Phantom Tech - Vision Research

- Canon and PL Mount

- 512 Gb Cinemag (More CineMags Available)

- Phantom PCU2 Wireless Control Unit - BlueTooth Connection

- Arri Bridgeplate and Phantom Bottom Plate (15mm and 19mm)

- Anton Battery Hytron Power System (4 Batts and Charger)

- Portable Handheld Package - Riser/Shoulder Mount/Rail System

- Phantom Power Supply  

- 10GB/Sec Cinemag Reader "Fastest Downloads Available"

- 17 Inch SDI Panasonic Monitor

- 7 Inch SMALL HD SDI Monitor


Quick Camera Flex 2.5K Overview:


- 35mm depth-of-field

- 35mm field-of-view at 2560×1440

- 2.5K RAW Capture- Up to 2,560fps at 1920×1080

- 12-bit pixel depth- 800 ISO rating

- HQ Mode provides ultimate in image stability under changing shooting conditions

- Anamorphic shooting mode and monitor de-sqeeze

- Internal mechanical shutter for hands-free and remote Black Balances

- On-camera controls for camera modes, settings, playback, edit & save

- Light weight and compact design allows easy handheld, use with cranes, motion control,steadicams and 3D rigs

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